Have you ever though about the question what is self-love that some people keep talking about ? Some people talk that you should first love yourself i...View Details

The Joy Of Sharing

Lately I was stuck with the question of why do people say that a life lived for others is a life worth living. Why most of the books and many famous p...View Details

Bhoomeeka Jain is a therapist and a psychologist who has helped a lot of people in stress management and mental health issues. In this episode, she sh...View Details

In this episode, I talk about the wrong perception people usually have about accountability and why it is actually cool. Being accountable for our act...View Details

In this episode, Rishabh Jain shares an amazing tool called the Ikigai model to discover your calling in life. He shares the Ikigai model along with d...View Details

Col. Sanjeet Sirohi is a soft skills traainer and a retired army officer. Even after retiring from the job, he had the zeal to serve the society so he...View Details

Visha Khandelwal, a former chartered accountant (CA) who left her lucrative job to pursue her passion in travelling and video making. In this amazing ...View Details

Udit Batra is a social media influencer. Being a foodie by heart, he started his journey as a food reviewer on Zomato and then opened his own restaura...View Details

Priya Tawde is an entrepreneur and a business coach. In this podcast she talks about her journey from dropping out of engineering to starting her busi...View Details

Dheeraj Datta is a motivational speaker and a coach. In this podcast he shares how an incident in his life changed his perspective and made him realiz...View Details

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